About Kiddi Goodi

Kiddi Goodi company was started by me, Sanketh (8Yrs) and my brother Shanmukha (11 Yrs) and sister, Sriya (5 yrs) ( and with help of family) during the summer holidays of 2017.

We wanted to basically make natural treats because it was summer and there was no natural drinks or treats for kids anywhere. Natural treats don’t harm your body. Because my mother has a company which makes only natural products, and they work very well. So even we wanted to make natural treats company for kids and all, so that instead of having artificial treats, they can have natural treats.

A little about us.

Sanketh:- Is an 8 yr old boy, enterprising, curious about all kinds of stuff. Likes to do things by himself and make nice things for everyone. Plays Piano. Into Pokemon. Drawing, cooking and baking are some of his favourites. Likes running and swimming. Loves cars and wishes he could drive one right now. His favourites are Hennessey Venom GT, Koenigsegg Agera R and Pagani Huayra . Totally supports Swachh Bharat mission.

Shanmukha:- Is an 11 yr old boy. Highly imaginative and loves story telling & experimenting. Likes to be organized and is particular about cleanliness. Good at crafts. Favourite food is French fries. Finds drones and James Bond to be cool. Plays guitar. Football, going to swimming with his dad & travelling are favourites. Decided which countries/cities he is going to visit. He likes to share and help people in need.

Sriya:- Sriya:- Is an 5 yr old girl. She is very enthusiastic and loves to learn new things. She is a quick learner, focussed and pays attention to details. A Karate Yellow Belt, runs really fast and already won medals. Plays Piano. Her favourite thing is swimming because she gets to be in water. Loves Frozen movie (Elsyya and Anyya) and favourite car is Lamborghini Aventador. Likes all fruits, sweet corn, chocolates, plain panipuri among others.